Cottrell Moore Ltd – About Us

Welcome to a new, revolutionised way of doing recruitment. What makes Cottrell Moore a little bit special is that all of our specialists own a share of the business, meaning that they truly have a vested interest in ensuring that they get results. This also minimises staff turnover, which is often considered to be high amongst high street recruitment agencies. But we’re not just a high street agency – we offer a unique, boutique experience to our clients and candidates.

Revolutionising Recruitment

Every member of our recruitment team is a specialist, with at least five years’ experience in the industry, so you know that you are dealing with a seasoned professional. We develop relationships with clients and candidates by questioning them in detail and listening, to gain a thorough understanding of their needs and objectives. We will then work to find the perfect solution to meet these requirements.

Cottrell Moore is an REC accredited recruiter, as well as being CIPD and NLP trained and Saville and Holdsworth assessors.

Some organisations either have no human resources or limited support. Cottrell Moore can help to bridge this gap by working with you as your outsourced Human Resources department.  Whether its delivery of one-off projects or providing advice and guidance on a more regular basis, we can tailor the support to suit your business needs.

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Why Choose Cottrell Moore

  • Developing and running Assessment and Development Centres
  • Developing bespoke recruitment and training campaigns
  • Carrying out psychometric testing
  • REC accredited recruiter