Pricing Options

Every industry and organisation is unique so why not have a qualified specialist that supports only where you need the support, at a cost that is directly linked to the service required and volume given. This service can be flexed up or down depending where you need the resource/support that month.

Our portfolio of services are tailored to meet your needs and as such, can be packaged to offer all or part of our complete range “People Professionals” on a retained or individual basis. Our pricing options are unique to your requirements.

  • You may simply require a staff handbook to be implemented in your organisation or have a hiring need to employ one individual within your business. We are happy to help and our services will be priced for a one-off arrangement.
  • Your organisation may not have an in-house HR department or the expertise to recruit for your growing team. We are happy to help to provide HR advice Mon – Fri and meet your hiring needs.
  • If you have a recruitment drive where a monthly Assessment Centre needs to form part of your recruitment plan.  We are happy to provide this service.

The above examples highlight the different requirements a business might need. One off services, ongoing hiring or indeed a complete package of all of our services.  Contact us now to discuss your specific needs further.

Pricing Diagram